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Dagblad van het Noorden, 6-11-2010

“Viewers’ discretion is advised”

Bouke Mekel

Director blends horror, comedy and drama in short film Paashaat.

By Jan Schlimbach
Your film Paashaat is going to premiere at the Usva theatre on Tuesday. That’s quite a few months late, isn’t it??

Initially, it was meant to premiere at Easter, but we didn’t make it. The project became bigger and the holidays intervened. That’s how it goes. But it’s nice to play around with traditions. Shops are already selling pepernoten (literally, ‘peppernuts’, a Dutch confectionary associated with the early December celebration of Sinterklaas) in September. We bring Easter in the month November.

Who is “we”?

It’s a film made by group of people, the Usva Videocollectief. We make films together and everyone can participate in generating ideas. I wrote a script which was open for suggestions by others. This made it a richer story.

What kind of film is Paashaat?

It has turned out to be a mix of different genres like horror, fantasy, comedy and drama. Viewers’ discretion is advised: the usual genre conventions have been broken. In Paashaat, we get to see an Easter bunny from the East.

How will you get people to see the film at the Usva?

I will tell them it’s a film about a vengeful Easter bunny annoying a carrot (and such, including roots)-obsessed family in the Groningen countryside.

The film will premiere on Tuesday. And after that? (What’s next?)

The film has two viewings and perhaps one more at 22:30, depending on demand. After the premiere we’d like to present our film at genre film festivals. We’re hoping it will get programmed.

And are you going to make another film after this one?

Yes, I’m preparing a script for a full feature length film. For that film we will need some budget. Paashaat was made without any budget whatsoever. Everyone worked on the film out of passion. And it shows!

The film Paashaat will be shown on Tuesday, starting at 20:30 at the Usva INTheater.

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